Camerize Hyperdeck Media Manager – Multicamera Media Management

HyperDeck Media Manager

Beta testing, apply below! - Carefree multicam recording for postproduction

This is the ultimate way to handle multi-camera recordings with Black Magic Hyperdecks. Start and stop recording with a single click and our tool will take care of the rest. Hyperdeck Media Manager gives your video files clear unique names with a timestamp and source name.


While recording is ongoing, we offload your videos – now with 10Gbit/s – to a standard industry folder structure and creates a backup on a second volume. With two copies and all files in the decks, this workflow is a fundamental safety chain to assure that your recordings are preserved!


In non-timecode setups, HyperDeck Media Manager will manage synchronous timecode for you, even if decks are started independently. You can always synchronize sources by timecode! Your multi-cam editing project is up and running with a few clicks.


With a single license you can use unlimited copies to control your fleet of Hyperdecks in any formation. Hyperdeck Media Manager is made by people working in multicam production daily.


Recording done = media management done!

  1. The program name used in the storage folder structure.
  2. Storage and backup paths.
  3. Add Hyperdecks IP numbers and name the source for the unique file names. 
  4. Central recording start and stop
  5. Uncheck a box to detach a deck from the group and control it independently.
  6. Slot buttons indicate the remaining time. Press to change the active slot, also during recording. Use alt-click-record to segment a recording and speed up offloading.
  7. Record timecode display, easy to grab with tools like SDIScanConverter to serve as video source with timecode.

Available for MacOS, Linux and Windows.

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